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June 25, 2005:
New design and layout finished and uploaded to OSWD. Since it is my first contribution to this site, it has been given the title "andreas01".

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Coopers Rock hike

Blender Demos:

Mirror balls bouncing on a rubber sheet/trampoline (60sec, 15MB)

Ring with Yafray rendered caustic
Compare that with a real tungsten ring

One of the better demos, everything turned out right - the shape of the bowl, the transparency/index-of-refraction, fluid viscosity/speed: mixing bowl (12sec, 2.2MB)

Dish fills with water, then a rotor swirls it about (12sec, 2MB)

Small basin fills with water, then an agitator splashes about (20sec, 6.5MB)

Transparent plexiglass looking container fills with liquid then an obstacle descends and splashes about (12sec, 1.8MB)

Gold liquid flowing through a spiral pipe (12sec, 1.8MB)

Water filling a box with drainpipe (18sec, 2.5MB)

Experimenting with radiosity, transparency and mirrors with ray tracing (6sec, .5MB)

First, simple classic rigid body test of dominoes (3sec, 240k)

First test of water flowing around a deformed mesh (12sec, 2.4MB).

Gold liquid nicely splashing around a Saucer (12sec, 5MB).

Gold liquid flowing into a cup with holes (36sec, 3.8MB). It took a full 24 hours to bake 1080 frames of the fluid mesh at a resolution of 175 on a 2Ghz Opteron using 64bit Blender.

This was a Chinese character but converting from a mesh to a fluid lost a lot of detail: Character in fluid (9sec, 1.4MB).

Experimenting with Chinese characters (.5MB)
Flowering (2MB)

Demo1.avi (8MB)

Blender Fluid Demos:

Demo2.avi (4MB)

Root Raised Cosine Filter

Rather technical demo, in Digital Signal Processing, of a Root Raised Cosine Filter - showing (the red strip) very limited bandwidth for various square wave inputs.

Root Raised Cosine Filter
Older demo from long ago


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