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<title>Swiger Family Photos</title>

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<h1>Swiger Family Photos</h1>
<p><strong>"I can see you fly. You are an angel with wings, high above the ground!"</strong><br />(traditional haiku poem)</p>

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<p><strong>June 25, 2005:</strong><br />
New design and layout finished and uploaded to OSWD. Since it is my first contribution to this site, it has been given the title "andreas01".</p>
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<h2>Swiger Family Photos</h2>
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<option value="Carosel8">Carosel 8</option>
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<option value="E29424">E29424</option>
<option value="LazarusBox">Lazarus Box</option>
<option value="SmallRedBox">Small Red Box</option>
<option value="StrideRiteBox">Stride Rite Box</option>
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<option value="ViewerBox">Viewer Box</option>
<option value="WoodBox">Wood Box</option>
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Copyright &copy; 2006 Charles B. Swiger. Design by <a href="http://andreasviklund.com">Andreas Viklund</a>.

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